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Presentation at ECHO Digital Conference June 2011

Gave a presentation at the European Concert Hall Organisations conference at the Sage in Gateshead. You can view it online below or E-Commerce and Concert Venue (4Mb download).


Thinking Digital

The Thinking Digital conference has been another great North East success for Herb Kim and the team at Codeworks who organised it. Although I was only able to be at a couple of sessions – it was all pretty inspirational stuff. Tara Hunt was a delight and have added the Whuffie Factor to the top of my must read books. She finally convinced me that Social Media can actually be a genuine force for good because they create a “new currency” that is actually about doing good, building reputation and sharing the love. All very cool and definitely a way to build a better world order.

Had a couple of requests for my presentations so here they are:

Practical Wisdom session on Wednesday 13th May 2009  ethical-superstore-practical-wisdom-think-digital-may-2009

Post-digital session on Friday 15th May 2009 ethical-superstore-open-business-think-digital-may-2009

Hopefully see you all in 2010.