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The world of fair trade – a Twitter’s Eye view

Today is World Fair Trade day. Due to child care and household duties my celebration has been mainly eating and drinking fair trade food with the family. However Twitter has been keeping me up to date with what’s going on in the world of fair and ethical trade. Been interesting to see who tweets on fair trade issues and what the world of fair trade looks like on Twitter.

So this is my (very incomplete) guide to who is tweeting on fair and ethical trade from an organisational perspective. If you or someone you know is missing then you can tweet me at @andyredfern or add a comment to this post and I’ll update this list later. Now 45 on the list!

UK Fair Trade Brands

Cafedirect – @cafedirect_hq

Divine Chocolate –@divinechocolate, dubblehq

Fairtrade Foundation – @fairtradeUK

Fairplay Condoms – @Fairplaycondoms

Frank and Faith @AnyaEcoChic

Pachacuti – @Carrysomers

Pants to Poverty – @pantstopoverty

People Tree @PeopleTree – also People Tree founder @SafiaMinney

Shared Interest – @SharedInterest plus several staffers who tweet including @sallyreith, @fair_ruth, @stealthescene and @pgs73

Traidcraft – @traidcraft plus staff member @annewitton

UK Ethical and Fair Trade Retailers

Adili – no official account but Adam Smith (CEO) is @ecoadvocate and Mark Swire (FD) is @geekowarrior

Ethical Superstore – @ethicalstore plus @Ethical_News news feed. You can also follow staff @andyredfern, @vicmorgan, @JoannaGlover, @BenMawhinney, @johnordeal

Fair Cake @FairCakeLondon

Ethics Girls – @ethicsgirls

Henry and Jayne – @henryandjayne

Love Eco – @Loveeco

MondoMundi @fairtradephil

Natural Collection @NatCol (not currently updated ) best to follow marketing man @altepper

Nigel’s Eco Store – @Nigels_EcoStore

Peros @Peros_Fairtrade

US Fair Trade Brands

Equal Exchange – @Ashley_at_EqEx

Fair Trade Federation @FTFederation

US Fair Trade Retailers

Blue People @bluepeople

Irish Fair Trade Retailers

Wish4fairtrade – @wish4fairtrade

Dutch fair trade brands

Max Havellaar @FairtradeNL

International bodies

World Fair Trade Organisation @WFTO

Bloggers, Campaigners and Directories

Ethical Junction @ethicaljunction

Ooffoo – @ooffoo

The Green Familia – @thegreenfamilia

Big Green Switch @BigGreenSwitch